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Cognimatics TrueView One Way



Doba dodania Doručenie 25.11.2019 do 14:00.
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Číslo produktu: CognimaticsTrueViewOneWay
bežná cena 599,00 EUR
naša cena bez DPH : 569,00 EUR
naša cena s DPH (20 %):
682,80 EUR

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Kompletné špecifikácie

Stand-alone people counting and direction detection application embedded directly in standard network cameras. All counting is done directly on the camera - at the edge - giving a cost efficient, scalable, and very easy-to-use solution for people counting and direction detection. The complete solution is easily installed in an existing local area network and configuration can be done at any physical location using a standard web based interface. The installation can be done by local staff with basic network experience.

The TrueView One Way® can be used in several different scenarios. See examples below.

  • Notify the customer that he/she is walking in the wrong direction via an audio output directly from the camera.
  • Notify a security guard via email or SMS that a person is walking in the wrong direction.
  • Close entrance gates if a person is walking out of a store in the wrong direction.